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Do you have a question or comment about Romano’s Italian Cuisine? Please feel free to call us at (704) 636-2221 or you can use the web form below.

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At Romanos Salisbury NC, we believe in creating open lines of communication with our patrons. We enjoy hearing about their experiences, especially the aspects they enjoyed most when dining at our establishment. At the same time, it’s important for patrons to feel they can contact us to express any concerns or launch inquiries. Given the nature of our restaurant, we are quite busy and try to attend to the customers we have with us before anything else. However, we guarantee that if you leave a message with us via any of our platforms, we will get back to you promptly.
No matter how successful we become, we always want our guests to get VIP treatment when dining with us and visiting one of the top Salisbury restaurants. Feel free to contact us during business hours or leave messages at your leisure. We tend to prioritize time-sensitive messages, however, we can and do, get back to everyone in an appropriate time frame.

While we work hard preparing and serving our food in a way that we hope is always satisfactory, admittedly mistakes do happen. Even the best of us are prone to oversights here and there. If you feel dissatisfied with any part of your experience with us, be it dine-in, takeaway, or catering, we want to hear it. Our team will do what it takes to make things right.

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Accommodations, Specialties, and Dietary Restrictions

Romano’s is proud to accommodate all types of diners, and we want our restaurant to be a place where all feel welcome and comfortable. We aim to be more than just one of the premier places to eat Salisbury residents and locals frequent. We aim to be a place where customers feel cared for and attended to. Part of making your experience with us memorable includes providing customer service unlike any other. As a result, we are happy to provide modifications and substitutions when possible. If you have any questions prior to your dining experience, we highly recommend you call in beforehand. Although, we are always happy to problem-solve on the spot and find ways to make sure your dining experience is nothing but exceptional.

Our diverse menu makes it possible for diners of all types to find a meal that works for their tastes and dietary restrictions. You will also find that you can make certain substitutions, additions, and changes directly on our menu when you order online. Our easy-to-navigate online ordering interface is just one of the many features that sets us apart from other Salisbury restaurants.

Nevertheless, while you can browse our menu and find useful information there, for serious allergies and other more specific questions we do recommend that you get in touch with us beforehand. The more time and awareness that we have before your visit, the better equipped we will be to ensure that we can meet and accommodate all of your needs.

If you want to be a valuable member of our team, we encourage you to take a look at the opportunities on our careers page.

Contact Us for Catering and Carryout

Our entire menu, including all of our carryout specials and catering options, is available on our online menu.

If you’re interested in opting for catering or carryout, the menu is a good place to start so that you can get a feel for what we offer and general pricing. However, we recognize that you may have questions regarding these processes that aren’t answered online, especially as it pertains to catering.

For more information regarding our Salisbury restaurants catering and carryout including how we package food, how we keep it fresh, and how to go about receiving it on the day of your event, our staff can happily walk you through our process, putting any of your concerns to rest.

Concerns, Comments, General Questions?

For any general concerns, questions, or comments you may have, there are plenty of ways to reach out to Romano’s. Your opinion is valued and valuable to us, and we encourage you to please let us know what we’re doing right, and where we can improve. Here are some ways to get in contact with us:

In person at our restaurant

1510 West Innes Street, Salisbury NC 28144.

Via telephone

(704) 636- 2221

Or on our Facebook page